Lams-e-Yaram Novel By Anaya Rajpoot

Lams-e-Yaram (لمسِ یارم) is an Urdu novel written by a famous novelist Anaya Rajpoot. It is a tremendous romantic story that illustrates the life of a passionate couple who breaks all boundaries in the intensity of love.

Novel’s Story/Summary:

The novel’s story revolves around a girl who belongs to a such family that has possessive thoughts and is bound by their old traditions. But she wants a modern lifestyle and opposes her family’s thinking. On another side, a boy belongs to a modern family and has a luxurious lifestyle. 

The story takes an incredible turn when they fall in love with each other and her family is against them. They break all boundaries in the way of love and go against their family traditions and rules and create beautiful memories of love.

It is a fascinating story that romantic moments gave lovely vibes to readers and absorb their interest till the last page. You must read this novel if you like socio-romantic stories.

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