Marg-e-Tamanna Novel By Mawra Talha

Marg-e-Tamanna (مرگِ تمنّا) is a novel composed by a renowned female writer Mawra Talha. It features a socio-romantic story that explains the troubles faced by a girl, after a love affair. Currently, it got published in a monthly digest in episode form. It got high appreciation from readers.

Novel’s Story/Summary:

In this novel, you will see the multiple characters spread out the beautiful colors of love. The main character in this story is a girl, Kinza. She falls in love with someone, but some complications arise in her way of love. While some of the characters will make you look at the jingles of love, some of the characters will make you look jealous in the fire of rivalry and envy.

The author tells us about the selfishness of people when they are in a relationship. It is a heart-touching story that immerses the readers. You will see hate and love at the same time in this novel. If you like socio-romantic stories this novel is the most suitable choice.

Mawra Talha is a talented female story writer and emerging novelist of Urdu. Although she has been writing to digest for many years, this writing is her first serialized novel. Mawra Talha adopted a unique writing style and wrote on attractive topics. She discussed the public problems that made her books more beneficial. You must read Mawra Talha’s All Novels.

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Important!! – This novel is currently being published in Episodic Form. We shall keep updating this post with release of new episodes. Keep Visiting.

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