Pathron Ki Palkon Par Novel By Nazia Kanwal Nazi

Pathron Ki Palkon Par (پتھروں کی پلکوں پر) is a novel authored by the famous female novelist Nazia Kanwal Nazi. It tells a socio-romantic story of a couple who faces many challenges and tribulations to achieve their goals. It was highly appreciated by readers after its release in the digest.

Novel’s Story/Summary:

The novel’s story revolves around a young boy. He belongs to a wealthy family. His family was strict and they gave much importance to their status. But the situation becomes complicated when he falls in love with a girl who comes from a middle-class family. His family was against and decisions and makes his life difficult.

The author reveals the evil thoughts of our society where the root of a relationship is just their status. It is an almost 1100-page long story that immerses the readers till the last page. It is an ideal choice for those readers who like socio-romantic stories.

Nazia Kanwal Nazi is the writer of the Pathron Ki Palkon Par novel. She usually writes for different Pakistani monthly digests. Her stories cover several topics such as romance, society, family culture, and relationships. In her stories, there are always powerful and relatable female characters. On this website, you can explore Nazia Kanwal Nazi’s All Books and Novels.

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