Rishton Ke Resham (Stories) By Riffat Siraj

Rishton Ke Resham (رشتوں کے ریشم) is a socio-romantic short story compilation written by renowned female author Riffat Siraj. It tells us the fragility of relationships that are affected by multiple social issues in our current community.

Book Summary:

It contains sixteen short stories that explore multiple social, and cultural issues in a precise way. Each story has a specific topic, subject, and characters. It highlights the necessity of relationships, which we lose in our lives due to minor mistakes.

The stories you’ll read in this book are listed below:

  • Sunehra Pani
  • Aye Basa Aarzoo
  • Hasb, Nasb, Kasb
  • Mujhe Jeet Lo
  • Rishton Ke Resham
  • Kasa-e-Dil
  • Ek Harf-e-Malamat Bhi Nahi
  • Taya Guzar Oqaat
  • Ek Harf-e-Tasalli Toh
  • Pophi Jan
  • Tere Lehje Ki Thakan Yaad Aai
  • Khat Jo Post Nah Ho Sake
  • Sadaf
  • Yeh Surahi Mein Phool Nargis Ka
  • Shanakhti Alamat

Every story is interesting that is almost 20 pages long. It is best suited for those who wish to read some wonderful stories in a short time.

Riffat Siraj is a notable female Urdu novelist who has written several social and romance novels. She usually writes for different local digests – and is particularly famous among Pakistani female digest readers. In her stories, she highlights various aspects of our society, its shortcomings, and their effect on our daily lives. You must read Riffat Siraj’s All Novels.

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