Ru Sayah Novel By Aatir Shaheen

Ru Sayah (رو سیاح) is an action and mystery-thriller novel authored by renowned fiction writer Aatir Shaheen. It explains the difficult life of a girl who faces many challenges. Currently, it is published in episode form in the monthly digest Sargazisht Digest. It is well-liked by readers who enjoy thrillers and suspense stories.

Novel’s Story/Summary:

It is the tale of those people who were born with high ambitions and dreams, but things happened differently. Since their conditions do not support them, they were unable to accomplish their dreams.

The novel’s story revolves around a young boy. He was a simple and innocent boy who grew up in the lap of poverty. He committed a mistake in his life by having lofty goals. To destroy his dreams, some people kidnapped his sister. And then he came out of his world of dreams and moved forward, crossing the mire of suffering. He wanted to remove the mask from all the disgusting faces, but he had forgotten that it is not possible to defeat these holy tyrants who have become gods.

This story is not only long, but it is also fascinating, which keeps the readers engaged. The storyline is incredible and does not feel boring for the reader. It is most suitable for those readers who have an interest in Jasoosi novels.

Aatir Shaheen is a famous story writer and novelist. He had a natural talent and produced some excellent novels and novelettes. He is writing the monthly digests and his stories publishing in episode form. He wrote many crime, suspense thriller, and action novels. You must read Aatir Shaheen’s All Novels.

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