Shaheen Novel By Umera Ahmed

Shaheen (شاہین) is a series of different stories written by a famed female writer Umera Ahmed. It is an adventure and mystery thriller series of various stories that are released in episode form. The characters in every story same but every story has a separate topic with an epic adventure.

Novel’s Story/Summary:

The novel’s story starts with a young boy Shair Dil Sherazi. He was fond of reading detective novels and watching movies. It was those who had assured him that he could become a spy himself. He would listen to the news of various crimes on newspapers and TV and then follow these cases on the internet until they were solved and the criminal was caught. His guess about criminals was mostly correct. 

Ahad was his best friend and Nayab was his uncle’s daughter, both of them were also his classmates. Both know about the passion of Shair Dil. He joins them to form a spy organization called Team Shaheen. Team Shaheen fronts many adventures and challenges and solves multiple cases.

Umera Ahmed has written several novels such as social-romantic novels, but this one is also the best piece of writing. If you want to read a unique adventure story you must read this novel. 

Umera Ahmed, the writer of this novel, is known for presenting different social and cultural aspects of our society from a unique perspective. She is amongst the most read and acclaimed Urdu novelists. Her writing style is utterly straightforward and flawless. In her novels, She always draws the readers’ attention to social evils and shortcomings. Some of her most famous books are Darbar-e-DilHasil, and Aks. On this website, you can explore All Novels of Umera Ahmed.

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