Sirat-e-Ishq Novel By Dilshad Naseem

Sirat-e-Ishq (صراطِ عشق) is a novel written by a preeminent female author Dilshad Naseem. It features a socio-romantic story that explains the tribulations and problems in the way of love. A man after, bearing many difficulties, found an authentic way to his success.

Novel’s Story/Summary:

This story is like a puzzle in which many characters are stuck in the riddle of love. This puzzle to solve man’s life passing away. It is the story of breaking dreams and intentions, living and dying in love and the last limit of love when the beloves is not near and the eye begins to dream of him.

The novel’s story revolves around a boy Arzish. Who belongs to a well-known and wealthy family. He did not lack anything, but still, he could not do anything on his own. She wanted to be free and live her own life. But he was tied up because of family restrictions. Recently, he passed the CSS exam and, get a job of high rank. Now he was completely free and in control of his own will. One day he meets a girl and falls in love with her. But he did not know from here, this gets trickier, and his life becomes complicated.

The author tells us about the problems that affect a good relationship. It is a heart-touching story that exist a lasting impression on the reader’s mind. If you are a socio-romantic stories lover, this novel is most suitable for you.

Dilshad Naseem is a leading female story writer and specified novelist. In her brief writing career, she wrote many novels for digests and magazines of Urdu. Moreover, Dilshad Naseem achieved fame for her impressive writing style and topics. She has an extended fan following throughout the world. You must read Dilshad Naseem’s All Novels.

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