Titlion Ko Choo Kar Novel By Rukh Chaudhary

Titlion Ko Choo Kar (تتلیوں کو چھو کر) is a novel written by a well-known female author Rukh Chaudhary. It illustrates the socio-romantic story of two girls who face many tribulations and complications created by our evil society in the path of love. It is the first novel of the author that got high appreciation from readers after releasing in the monthly digest.

Novel’s Story/Summary:

The novel’s story centers on the life of two sisters, Shua and Alina. They are not just sisters but they are deep friends with each other. But her life change takes a new turn when they fall in love with the same boy. Her love change in the fire of hate and jealousy. In this way, many complications arise between them.

The author tells us about the selfishness of our blood relationships in the way of love. The novel story is engaging and keeps readers’ attention till the end. You must read this novel if you like socio-romantic stories.

Rukh Chaudhary is a prominent novelist. Most of her stories are published earlier in the episode and later in regular book form. Rukh Chaudhry is known for her best romantic stories. She has an excellent command of the plot, sentences, and words. You must read Rukh Chaudhary’s All Novels.

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