Zara Si Kotahi (Afsanay) By Razia Butt

Zara Si Kotahi (زرا سی کوتاہی) is a collection of some unique socio-romantic short Urdu stories (افسانے) composed by renowned female writer Razia Butt. The book contains nine (09) short moral stories (افسانے) that reveal some bitter truths about our evil society.

Book Summary:

There are nine (09) short stories (افسانے) in this book with different characters and themes. Every story is different, focusing on distinct subjects, such as love, and relationship complications. 

The stories are titled as follows:

  • Sabaq (سبق)
  • Zara Si Kotahi (زرا سی کوتاہی)
  • Haar Jeet (ہار جیت)
  • Raqabat (رقابت)
  • Jahaiz Ki Sooli (جہیز کی سولی)
  • Zara Si Galti (زرا سی غلطی)
  • Zahreela Khoon (زہریلا خون)
  • Sunehri Khawab (سنہری خون
  • Takheer (تاخیر)
  • Nah Qabil-e-Yaqeen (نہ قابلِ یقین)

The author trying to reveal women’s status and importance in our society through this book. After reading one time, it compels the reader to read it, over and over again. If you are a fan of Urdu short stories (افسانے), this book is suitable for you.

Razia Butt was a prominent story writer and novelist of Urdu. In her long writing career, she authored a large number of books and stories. Moreover, some of her novels were filmed and dramatized for TV channels. The women are the first readers of Razia Butt’s Novels.

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