Zard Pattay Novel By Dr. Abdul Rabb Bhatti

Zard Pattay (زرد پتے) is a novel authored by a famed writer Dr. Abdul Rabb Bhatti. It features a crime story of a young boy who used his skill in the way of crime. The story is full of suspense and unforgettable moments, that exist a lasting impression on the reader’s mind.

Novel’s Story/Summary:

The novel story revolves around a young boy Saleem Khan. He lived with his father’s friend. In childhood, when his mother did. His father leaves him. When he becomes young, he goes to work with his father’s friend, who knows the skill of making the keys. After some time, when he completely learns this skill. He used his skill in the way of crime and went on committing crimes.

The story tells us about those people who got fed up with the situation and do not face trouble and take the path of crime. It fascinates the reader from start to end. If you like crime Urdu stories, this novel is most suitable for you.

Dr. Abdul Rabb Bhatti is a famous novelist and story writer of Urdu, who is a regular writer for the magazines and digests of Urdu. He wrote about many topics like romance, crime, social issues, horror, and suspense but mainly focused on the problems of the Sindhi people. You must read Dr. Abdul Rabb Bhatti’s Novels

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