Zulmaat Novel By Aslam Rahi M.A

Zulmaat (ظلمات) is a historical novel authored by renowned history writer Aslam Rahi M.A. It explains the story of a historical Muslim ruler and warrior of Islam named Ameer Taimoor Gorgan. He fought against the enemies of Islam and defeat them.

Novel’s Story/Summary:

The novel story revolves around a Muslim ruler, Ameer Taimoor Gorgan. He was born in Samar Qand in an ordinary family. But his aims were very strong and big and face everything to achieve his goals. One day he becomes the king of Samar Qand. He wants to do something for Muslims. He starts a war against the enemies of Islam and defeats them several times.

The author tells us about the bravery of our historical warriors who defeat their enemies for the Sake of Islam and gives many sacrifices. If you like historical stories this novel is most suitable for you.

Aslam Rahi M.A is one of the prominent Urdu Historical Fiction writers. His works cover several historical figures. His books are well researched and offer valuable insights into historical events. You must read Aslam Rahi M.A All Novels.

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