Aag Novel By Iqbal Kazmi

Aag (آگ) is a horror-mystery Urdu novel written by famed Urdu novelist Iqbal Kazmi. The story first appeared episodically in a local monthly Digest – and later got published as a paperback book series. 

The Aag novel’s story revolves around a young girl named Zaryab. She travels to her ancestor’s big old mansion. Once she reaches there, she gets the warning not to go inside the house at night because it’s haunted. She insists on going into the house, so they let her go with a man accompanying her. Strange things start happening as they progress through the house. In a dramatic turn of events, the man accompanying her gets murdered in cold blood with a knife. A series of unusual events follows that will keep on the edge of your seat.

It is a horror and suspenseful story which will keep you guessing about the ending. If you love reading mysterious tales of mythical creatures, we are sure you will enjoy reading this thriller tale.

Iqbal Kazmi, the writer of this novel, is one of the most prolific Urdu novelists who has written several thrillers and adventurous Urdu novels. He addresses different social evils that are undermining the foundation of our motherland. On this website, you can explore the Collection of Iqbal Kazmi’ Novels. 

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