Aik Mohabbat Aur Sahi Novel By Hashim Nadeem

Aik Mohabbat Aur Sahi (ایک محبت اور سہی) is a social Urdu novel written by Hashim Nadeem. It is a captivating story of loyalty, friendship, and relationships supported by passion and honesty. The story was adapted into a tv-serial of the same name.

Hashim Nadeem, the writer of this novel, is one of the most popular novelists of Pakistan. He has written back-to-back best seller novels like AbdullahKhuda Aur Mohabbat, and Bachpan Ka December. Due to his eloquent and excellent stories on unique topics, he has gained a great deal of recognition in a short period of time. On this website, you can explore the complete Collection of Hashim Nadeem’s Novels.

Novel’s Story/Summary.

The story revolves around Ayan, a boy continually taunted for not doing any work and always hanging out with friends. His father advises him to leave his friends and get his life in order. 

Ayan doesn’t listen to his father, so he is asked to leave the house. When he leaves the house, he promises his father he’ll do great things in life and achieve great success. Does he succeed in achieving his ambitions or not? What hurdles does he overcome during his journey? To know that, you need to read the novel.

It is the story of every other traditional Pakistani family. There is a lesson to learn for both the children and parents in this story. We hope that you will enjoy reading this novel.

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