Qissa Nisf Sadi Ka Novel By Mohiuddin Nawab

The novel’s story explains the situation at the time of separation between Pakistan and India and tells us the reasons which put our present nation back in the past.

download ghaddar novel in pdf

Ghaddar Novel By Krishan Chander

Written on Partition of India and Pakistan’s theme, this unique novel captures the pain of individuals separated from their homeland and families.

download khaak aur khoon complete novel

Khaak Aur Khoon By Naseem Hijazi

An account of the migration in 1947 from India to Pakistan. It makes the new generation learn about the sacrifices of their ancestors to have a safe homeland like Pakistan.

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Awaz e Dost Novel By Mukhtar Masood

Awaaz-e-Dost is a detailed study of the people, forces, events, and ideologies that led to Pakistan’s creation. First published in 1973 and considered amongst the most notable works in Urdu literature.

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Aangan Novel By Khadija Mastoor

The novel tells how the country’s changing political tensions affected the families. As political and ideological differences arose, so did the differences in the families.

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Udaas Naslain Novel By Abdullah Hussein

It is the story of a generation that is living a miserable and depressed life. In this novel, you learn about the First World War, the resistance of the Congress against the British rule, the role of the Muslim League, the famine in Bengal, and the oppression and abuse of human beings at the time of partition.

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Basti Novel By Intizar Husain [DOWNLOAD PDF]

This novel is the story of a shattered man who recounted his early life and youth in the turbulent times of the establishment of Pakistan and migration. And then the days of his declining age with another tragedy like the fall of Dhaka.