Dana Pani Novel By Umera Ahmed

Dana Pani (دانہ پانی) is a socio-romantic novel written by well-known female author Umera Ahmed. It explains the troubles and complications of a man when he is in love. It reveals people’s thoughts and hates about love. Currently, this novel is published in a monthly digest Khawateen Digest in episode form. It got high appreciation from readers after its first release.

Novel’s Story/Summary:

The bitter truth of life is that when we find someone we love, some people do not want to admit it and burn in the fire of jealousy. They become obstacles in our way but what happens is what is in our fate. But some people go astray and suffer in this way.

Dana Pani is the story of a girl named Motia. She is the only child of her parents and got an education of doctorate. On the other side is a young boy named Murad. He is the son of the Chaudhary of the village. Today, he comes to Pakistan after completing his law degree. Motia is going to the station to see her friend’s wedding with her friend. There Murad sees her and falls in love with her. After some days he meets with her and purposes her. Soon, they bind into a relationship, but their families’ relationship was not good from their childhood. On another side, Motia’s friend Batool creates difficulties between them because she likes Murad.

What happened next? You must read all episodes. It is a heart-touching story that compels the readers to wait for releasing the next episode. You will see hate and love in this story at the same time. It is best for those readers who like socio-romantic stories. 

Umera Ahmed, the writer of this novel, is known for presenting different social and cultural aspects of our society from a unique perspective. She is amongst the most read and acclaimed Urdu novelists. Her writing style is utterly straightforward and flawless. In her novels, She always draws the readers’ attention to social evils and shortcomings. Some of her most famous books are Darbar-e-DilHasil, and Aks. On this website, you can explore All Novels of Umera Ahmed.

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