Dil-e-Abad Novel (Complete) By Riffat Siraj

Dil-e-Abad (دلِ آباد) is a novel authored by a renowned female writer Riffat Siraj. It features socio-romantic stories that illustrate those little mistakes in our life that destroy our strong relationships. Some years ago, the novel’s story was dramatized and aired on a private TV channel in Pakistan.

Novel’s Story/Summary:

The novel’s story revolves around many characters, but the main characters in the story are Rameez and Nishat Afza. Rameez is a playboy who just flirts with girls, uses them, and leaves them. He doesn’t care if someone is sincere with him. His life takes a new turn when he meets with Nishat Afza, he falls in love with her. On another side, two other characters you will see spread out the beautiful colors of love are Waqar and Mahrukh.

The author tells us the importance of relationships which are needed for a joyful life. It is an interesting story that fascinates the readers. If you are a fan of socio-romantic stories this novel is for you.

Riffat Siraj is a notable female Urdu novelist who has written several social and romance novels. She usually writes for different local digests – and is particularly famous among Pakistani female digest readers. In her stories, she highlights various aspects of our society, its shortcomings, and their effect on our daily lives. You must read Riffat Siraj’s All Novels.

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