Junoon-e-Ishq Ki Roothi Rut Novel (Complete) By Sadia Abid

Junoon-e-Ishq Ki Roothi Rut (جنونِ عشق کی روٹھی رت) is a novel written by a well-known female author Sadia Abid. It is a socio-romantic and thriller story of a couple that is the reflection of our current evil society where a person faces many tribulations in love. At first, it got published in a digest in episode form, and later in 2015, it was issued as a hardcover book.

Novel’s Story/Summary:

The central theme of the novel is the passion for love. Where this passion gives birth to virtues, it causes great destruction by creating evils. This story revolves around such violent people who lost everything for love by following the path of passion. But their time takes a turning point when they realize how much they are wrong.

The novel’s story is interesting that is full of romantic and thriller moments which is the main cause of a reader’s attention. You must read this novel if you like socio-romantic stories.

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