Kaffara Novel By Iqbal Kazmi

Kaffara (کفارہ) is a crime-thriller Urdu novel written by famed Urdu novelist Iqbal Kazmi. The story reveals several realities of the criminal world and criminal minds.

Kaffara Novel Summary.

The Kaffara novel’s story revolves around a young man who wants to quit the world of crime and live peacefully. But, the people he has been working for would not let him go without a hitch. They made his life miserable and pushed him to a point where he decided to fight back and hunt them down. That’s the point where the real fun begins, and an action-packed series of events unroll. 

Besides, the writer attempts to explain the reasons as to why individuals who appear to be normal enter the world of crime. They are the people just like us who were born and raised in our communities. So what pushed them to a point where they decided to go against the law? Perhaps reading this story will help you clarify that question.

Iqbal Kazmi, the writer of this novel, is one of the most prolific Urdu novelists who has written several thrillers and adventurous Urdu novels. He addresses different social evils that are undermining the foundation of our motherland. On this website, you can explore the Collection of Iqbal Kazmi’ Novels. 

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