Bakht Novel By Mehrunisa Shahmeer

It includes a fantastic romantic story that portrays the struggle of a person who spends every moment trying to find the destiny of his love.

Oonch Neech Ka Pahar Novel by Umme Taifoor

It highlights the mistakes of those parents who favor one child over another or look down on one child more than another and this behavior affects children’s psychology.

Azizam Novel by Hoori Shah

The author conveys a cultural story about various social and family concerns that people face in modern society.

Hubb-e-Qalb Novel by Yaman Eva

A heart-touching story that expresses the feelings of those people who don’t fulfill the dreams and desires that they see with their beloved.

Sitamgar Se Humsafar Novel By Fatima

A heart-warming romantic story that reveals the love affair of a couple who fall in love with each other in a weird situation but their love ties them to each other