Safarnama Turkey (Travelogue) By Mubashir Nazir

Safarnama Turkey (سفر نامہ ترکی) is an amazing travelogue authored by eminent author Mubashir Nazir. It was written in 2009 when the writer visits Turkey and experienced some epic moments. It is the most famous travelogue of Mubashir Nazir.

Book Summary:

Turkey has a special place in the Islamic world. For 600 years in Muslim history, Turkish people have held the position of leadership in the Islamic world. Due to its location at the junction of Asia and Europe, Turkey has been the center of civilizations throughout the history of mankind. Even in the present era, Turkey is being called a bridge between Islam and the west.

Keeping the importance of turkey in mind, the author has described those things that happened on the trip to Turkey. He experienced some amazing and epic things and enjoy the Turkish culture and traditions. He visits Istanbul and Qounia which was known by the name of “Qustuntunia“.

The travelogue is interesting and gave us much information about Islamic history and Turkish traditions. You must read this book if you like a travelogue.

Mubashir Nazir a prominent name in the Urdu writers. He is a story writer, novelist, humorist, travelogue writer, columnist, and drama writer. In his brilliant writing career, he authored many great books and stories. You must reads Mubashir Nazir’s All Books.

You should read this book if you’re a fan of Urdu Travelogues, particularly about the USA. You might also like these travelogues: Niklay Teri Talash MainUndlas Main Ajnabi, and Khana Badosh.

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