Salsabeel Novel By Nayab Jillani

Salsabeel (سلسبیل) is a tremendous socio-romantic Urdu novel authored by a prominent author Nayab Jillani. It explains some bitter truths of our present society, where people make relationships just for their benefit. Currently, this novel is published in episode form and earns much appreciation from readers.

Novel’s Story/Summary:

The novel’s story has many facts that exist in our society but some people ignore them. It is the reflection of our present community where a person can judge by his financial status not by his character. It highlights the greed and brutality that people confront in our society. 

Salsabeel is a long romantic novel with strong characters that exist in our society and are part of our life. The main characters of the story are one doctor and his two daughters who face many ups and downs in life. On another side a woman named Shafia who have a strong family background. He has a stepson who falls in love with a selfish girl but he doesn’t know he chooses the wrong person.

To know what happened next? you must read all episodes of this novel. Its amazing storyline increases the reader’s interest and compels him to read completely. You should read this novel if you like a socio-romantic story.

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Important!! – This novel is currently being published in Episodic Form. We shall keep updating this post with release of new episodes. Keep Visiting.

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