Shehar-e-Aashob Novel by Aliya Bukhari

Shehar-e Aashob (شہرِ آشوب) is a set of epic socio-romantic stories authored by a well-known female writer Aliya Bukhari. It includes five (5) stories that wonderfully illustrate the little mistakes of a person, which are the main cause of a relationship’s weakness.

Book Summary:

There are five (5) stories in Shehar-e-Ashob. Each story is different, showing the fragility of relationships and the challenges that come in way of love. 

The stories in this book are as follows:

  • Shehar-e-Aashob (شہرِ آشوب)
  • Ek Sitara-e-Meharban (اِک ستارہِ مہرباں)
  • Paaki Daaman (پاکی داماں)
  • Garam Hawa (گرم ہوا)
  • Dhool Ka Phool (دھول کا پھول)

Each of the above stories focuses on a distinct issue of our society and provides a solution. If you enjoy reading socio-romantic Urdu stories, this book is an ideal choice for you.

Aliya Bukhari, the writer of this novel, is a rising female Urdu novelist who has written several books about love, the joint family system, and relationship tragedies. Her unique storytelling technique has gained her immense popularity among female Urdu digest readers. On this website, you can explore Aliya Bukhari’s All Books and Novels.

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