Wadi-Al-Maut Novel By M.A Rahat

Wadi-Al-Maut (وادی الموت) is a horror Urdu novel written by a well-known author M.A Rahat. It is a bone-chilling horror story full of many incredible and terrifying moments that make it scary for readers. At first, it was published in a monthly digest Khaufnaak Digest, and later it got issued as a hardcover book.

Novel’s Story/Summary:

The novel’s story revolves around three friends who go on a long journey and experience many adventures on this journey. They were trapped in a savage tribe. They faced many difficulties and saw some strange things who have black forces and wants to kill them. They don’t lose heart and face them with bravery.

The author tells us that a man should not lose heart in a difficult time and try to get rid of it. The novel story is gripping that leaves a scary impression on the reader’s mind after reading it. If you like horror Urdu stories this novel is for you.

M.A Rahat is a renowned Urdu novelist who has authored hundreds of mystery, thriller, action, and adventure Urdu novels. His novels on supernatural creatures and forces are widely popular among Urdu readers. His most acclaimed writings include evergreen novels like; AatishSholayand Samandar Ka Beta. On this site, you can explore All Urdu Novels written by M.A Rahat.

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