Wal Asar Novel By Amtul Aziz Shahzad

Wal Asar (والعصر) is a socio-romantic Urdu novel written by renowned female novelist Amtul Aziz Shahzad. It explains the multiple social issues that affect a relationship. Currently, it got published in a monthly digest in episode form. It got high appreciation from readers after releasing the first episode.

Novel’s Story/Summary:

In this story, you will be seen many characters spread out the colors of love. While some people you will find lost in the paradise of love and some people you will see burning in the fire of jealousy and rivalry. Some lucky ones get close to their beloved, but some unlucky ones only part with each other. This is a story written about the conflict between love and hate.

The author tells about the behavior of those people who fall in love with someone and are willing to sacrifice everything to get their love. The novel story is interesting that fascinates readers. If you like socio-romantic stories, this novel is a good choice.

Amtul Aziz Shahzad is a top story writer and female novelist of Urdu. She authored many super hit stories and novels in her brilliant writing career. She tried to educate the community and enhance awareness about human rights. You must read Amtul Aziz Shahzad’s All Novels.

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Important!! – This novel is currently being published in Episodic Form. We shall keep updating this post with release of new episodes. Keep Visiting.

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