Zaat Ka Qarz Novel By Amjad Javed

Zaat Ka Qarz (ذات کا قرض) is a social Urdu novel written by renowned author Amjad Javed. It describes lower-class people’s struggles for their society, but they are offered no credit. Jamhori Publications published this fiction in book form in 2010.

Novel’s Story/Summary:

The Urdu literature, written in Pakistan, the political scenario and exploitative political system are rarely read. Especially in the 75 years of global movements, the middle and lower class people struggled, and the unbelievable situations they faced during this time were not mentioned anywhere.

Considering these efforts and sacrifices, Zaat Ka Qarz will be written. It shows the efforts of those people who sincerely worked for their country and nation, but they are not mentioned anywhere. 

The story has revealed many bitter truths about our politics that operate like a slave. It is most suitable for those readers who have an interest in politics.

Amjad Javed, one of the most popular Pakistani novelists, is the writer of Zaat Ka Qarz. He is famous for his unique choice of topics like Sufism, Spirituality, and Divine love. There is such a fluidity in his writings that the reader feels like flowing with the story. A number of influential and super hit novels got published to his credit. On this website, you can browse All Books and Novels of Amjad Javed.

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