Ahram Ke Devta Novel By A Hameed

Ahram Ke Devta (احرام کے دیوتا) is a novel written by famed writer A Hameed. It explains the story of the time of the antique Egyptian culture. It describes some Egyptian historical events and reveals some characters like Pharaohs. 

Novel’s Story/Summary:

The Novel’s story revolves around Egyptian Gods. Many Egyptian gods are mentioned in this story. The story unveils characters who claim to be a god in the world. Who judged people’s lives and deaths. It sheds light on many events in Pharaoh’s life, and his law and cruelty expressed. Apart from this, explains some parts of the life of Prophet Musa.

The story teaches us a lesson from the fate of these claimants of God. It is a gripping story that engrosses the reader from beginning to end and is best for a history fan.

A Hameed was a well-known story writer, biographer, novelist, and travelogue writer of Urdu. He has a vast knowledge of history and geography. In his career, he authored many books and novels which contain much information. Most readers liked Hameed Books for his unique writing purpose.

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