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Akaal Sagar (اکال ساگر) is a supernatural and horror Urdu novel written by famed Urdu novelist M.A Rahat. The story revolves around black magic, Hindu pandits, and unearthly creatures. It is an extreme horror story that will haunt you for a long time.

M.A Rahat is a renowned Urdu novelist who has authored hundreds of mystery, thriller, action, and adventure Urdu novels. His novels on supernatural creatures and forces are widely popular among Urdu readers. His most famous novels include; Kala Jadu, Ajaib Khana, Aatish, and Samandar Ka Beta. On this site, you can explore All Urdu Novels written by M.A Rahat.

The story starts with the mysterious death of a Maharaja. Before his death, his servant heard him saying that he might get killed because he has come to know about some people’s dark secrets. When his son, Sundar Lal, learns about his father’s death, he feels like his father’s death is not natural but a murder. He swore to uncover the truth and take revenge for his father’s death.

After that, an unending series of mysterious and horrific events starts, which are very intriguing and captivating. Once you begin to read the story, you won’t be able to put down the book until after finishing it.

If you love reading horror Urdu novels, Akaal Sagar by M.A Rahat is a good novel for you to read.

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