Jharoke Mein Chand (Afsanay) By Bushra Rehman

Jharoke Mein Chand (جھروکے میں چاند) is a set of socio-romantic Urdu short stories (Afsanay) authored by a well-known female novelist Bushra Rehman. It portrays the real image of our evil society where everyone is wearing the mask of selfishness and deception.

Book Summary:

The book contains tweleve (12) brief stories (Afsanay) that explain the multiple social and family issues in Pakistani society due to some misunderstandings. Each story has a unique topic, characters, and good morals.

This book includes these stories:

  • Taaj Mehal (تاج محل)
  • Badd Dua (بد دعا)
  • Jan Padar (جان پدر)
  • Daagh Sajda (داغ سجدہ)
  • Andha, Behra, Goonga (اندھا، بہرہ، گونگا)
  • Intellectual Larki (انٹلیکچوٰئل لڑکی)
  • Sookhe Huwy Phool (سوکھے ہوۓ پتے)
  • Jharoke Mein Chaand (جھروکے میں چاند)
  • Naqaab (نقاب)
  • Kachh Da Khidona (کچ دا کھڈونا)
  • Shehzada Saleem (شہزادہ سلیم)
  • Pechle Pehar Ki Chandani (پچھلے پہر کی چاندنی)

Bushra Rehman is the writer of the Jharoke Mein Chand. The name is well-known to Urdu readers as she has authored many notable and best-seller books. She explains in great detail the human relations and the disasters that affect families, love, and loss in her stories on different social and cultural topics. On this website, you can explore Bushra Rehman’s All Books and Novels.

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