Mughal Darbar Book By Dr. Mubarak Ali

Mughal Darbar (مغل دربار) is one of the most informative books written about the Mughal Era. It is authored by Dr. Mubarak Ali, a famous history writer from Pakistan. The book will give you a deep understanding of how Mughal traditions and cultural values left an indelible mark on the generations to come.

The book discusses the chronicles of Mughal Darbar during the rule of Mughal Emperors. It covers various Mughal rulers and includes a brief overview of the Mughal Empire and its spread from India to other areas in Asia.

Moreover, the writer explores Mughal era traditions, culture, festivals, politics, royal symbols, and social norms. The rituals and festivities of the Mughals have continued to live on to the present day. Despite the poor living standard of people, the Mughal Darbar was extravagant and astonishing. While the population lived in poverty, those associated with the darbar received extraordinary concessions.

The book contains eight chapters that analyze different aspects of how the Mughal Darbar operated. This book is a must-read for history buffs. You might also want to read these historical books: Aur Talwar Toot Gai, Shaheen Novel, and Daastan Iman Faroshon Ki.

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