Manto Ke Mazameen Book By Saadat Hassan Manto

The book Manto Ke Mazameen (منٹو کے مضامین) is a collection of humorous essays written by the well-known author Saadat Hassan Manto. he explains the many social issues of our society amusingly. This book was written in 1942 before the freedom of Pakistan when he lived in Delhi, India.

Book Summary:

The book comprises 20 short moral Urdu stories (Essays) written by Manto. Each of them has a different subject and set of characters. It explains the multiple issues of our society. 

The essays’ titles are as follows:

  • Chair Khooban Se Chali Jaye Asad
  • Kuch Nahi Hai Toh Adawat Hi Sahi
  • Dehati Boliyan
  • Tehdeed Aslha
  • Hindi Aur Urdu
  • Agar
  • Hindustan Ko Leadron Se Bachaao
  • Aik Ashk Alood Appeal
  • Mujhe Shikayat Hai
  • Shareef Aurat Aur Filmi Duniya
  • Hindustani Sanat Film Sazi
  • Zindagi
  • Asmat Froshi
  • Maiksam Gorki
  • Surkh Inqalaab
  • Baatein
  • Log Apne Aap Ko Madhosh Kyon Karte Hain..?
  • Kisaan Mazdoor Sarmaya Zameendaar
  • Taraqqi Yaafta Qabrustan
  • Mujhy Bhi Kuch Kehna Hai

The writer also explains some political issues and the injustice of our leaders. He wrote about the rights of the lower and middle class. The remarkable thing about this writing is that while it spreads happiness on your face, it also draws your attention to society’s flaws and shortcomings. If you want to read some unique and different stories, this book is most suitable for you.

Manto is amongst the most widely read and controversial Urdu language storytellers. He is outspoken and straightforward – and uncovers the harsh and bitter realities of society. Most of his stories are weaved around sexuality and lust. Thanda Gosht is a perfect example of that. He faced severe criticism from religious circles of society for his writings. Even, a formal lawsuit was filed against Manto for writing a book, Thanda Gosht, and the details of it are stated at the beginning of the book. You must read Saadat Hassan Manto’s All Books.

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