download aur talwar toot gai novel

Aur Talwar Toot Gai Novel by Naseem Hijazi

Narrates the life of the great Muslim general, strategist, inventor, and brave ruler Tipu Sultan (ٹیپو سلطان). It covers his deep understanding of war tactics and politics, his way of governance, and his eventual martyrdom.

download moazzam ali novel pdf

Moazzan Ali Novel By Naseem Hijazi

The story of a young man named Moazzam Ali. He joined forces with Nawab Siraj-ud-doula, the last independent Nawab of Bengal, against the British East India company.

shaheen novel by naseem hijazi pdf

Shaheen Novel by Naseem Hijazi

Shaheen is the narration of the fall of the Muslim Empire in Spain. The reasons for the fall of the Muslims are also narrated in great detail.

download khaak aur khoon complete novel

Khaak Aur Khoon By Naseem Hijazi

An account of the migration in 1947 from India to Pakistan. It makes the new generation learn about the sacrifices of their ancestors to have a safe homeland like Pakistan.

download aakhri chattan novel

Aakhri Chattan Novel By Naseem Hijazi

The story tells Khawarzmi Sultan Jalal-ud-din’s resistance against Genghis Khan’s atrocities in Central Asia. It also sheds light on the attempts and failure to unite the all Muslim under one banner.

download qaisar o kisra novel pdf

Qaisar o Kisra Novel By Naseem Hijazi

This novel’s story covers the war between the two great powers of the world (Persia & Rome) between 602-608 and the rise of Islam in the Arabian Peninsula.